Greater Success Requires 5% More Effort

I had a chance to speak with Edward Fulbright earlier this week on Mastering Your Money, an educational radio program that is focused on giving business owners directions to turbo charge their success. Often, entrepreneurs are so focused on their stretch goals that they forget about setting micro goals to lead them to success. If you want greater success at work and in your career,  making small changes to reach your goals is the key. A 5% increase in effort is a small change that will yield great results in your life.

5% More can guide your actions as a business owner, could you imagine how your company would look if you increased your results by 5%? What if you could save your company 5% More money? Would you like to complete 5% more tasks each week?

If you are a business owner, do something 5% differently than your competitors: Be a little more creative and think a little bit harder than your competitors. Whether it is going the extra mile in customer service, or offering a product that’s just slightly better than that of your competitors, makes the difference in winning sales. Motivate your team to give 5% More: Your business will never grow, if your team keeps doing the same thing over and over again. Invest 5% more in training and supporting them, so that they can do the best job possible.