5% More

What if you had 5% more money?
What if you had 5% more energy?
What if you had 5% more brain capacity?
What if you finished 5% higher in your class?
What if you were 5% happier?
What if you could do things 5% faster?


What if you had 5% less body fat?
What if you had 5% less stress?
What if you had 5% less overall body weight?
What if your debt were reduced by 5%?
What if you could reduce your cholesterol by 5% (to start)?

I was recently in a spinning class and totally exhausted, counting the seconds and minutes to the end of the class, and the instructor said that she wanted 5% More out of us. She said that this next 5% is what really makes the class. This next 5% burns more fat than the previous 40 minutes in the class long term. 5% more effort will get you an infinite amount more out of your body.

As I was half dead on the spin bike, the above questions and several more starting flowing into my brain, but I didn’t necessarily have the answers. As I sit here now writing this on my iPhone in my car, the answer is simple. You have to Ask 5% more out of yourself and you will get so much more. It’s that simple!

When you are mentally and physically exhausted, just Ask for 5% more out of yourself. It’s only 5% more effort that can Get you so much More. Anybody can do or Ask for only 5% more out of anything you want. Just Ask and then do it!