Greater Success Requires 5% More Effort

I had a chance to speak with Edward Fulbright earlier this week on Mastering Your Money, an educational radio program that is focused on giving business owners directions to turbo charge their success. Often, entrepreneurs are so focused on their stretch goals that they forget about setting micro goals to lead them to success. If you want greater success at work and in your career,  making small changes to reach your goals is the key. A 5% increase in effort is a small change that will yield great results in your life.

5% More can guide your actions as a business owner, could you imagine […] Read more

Unrealistic Goal Setting Leads to a Culture of Fraud

Unrealistic Goal Setting Leads to a Culture of Fraud

Why setting smaller goals will lead to success

In 1852 Wells Fargo was founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo, originally as a delivery company of sorts, and has evolved into one of the largest banking institutions in the United States. A company built on hard work, honesty and integrity has seen its reputation tarnished beyond some of the fake silver bars that were hawked as authentic silver produced by Wells Fargo in the 1960’s.

Wells Fargo has now been relegated as nothing but a fraudulent institution no better than faceless identity thieves stealing peoples personal information. Thousands of unsuspecting consumers have […] Read more