5% More:
Making Small Changes to Achieve Extraordinary Results

by Michael Alden

Improve your life and achieve your goals

Imagine what the impact to your life would be if you just added 5% more effort. It’s a simple tactic and one that can work for you!

Anyone who wants to live better can do this

Do you want to improve your sales? Grow your business? Transform your mind and body? 5% More will help you overcome the challenges you are facing to reach your goal.


Michael Alden

Through my experiences in life I have learned a lot about success. People ask me how I've gotten to where I am today and my answer is simple: effort. But you don't have to overstretch yourself to achieve your goals. 5% More is a method I use to get what I want.

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Michael has overcome extraordinary odds to get to where he is today. He grew up in the projects surrounded by crime, drugs and violence. Early on in life, Michael taught himself how to ask more of himself and from others. He used this drive to put himself through law school and later founded a prestigious marketing firm. Alden has experienced extreme highs and lows in his life and through those experiences has unlocked secrets to success.

Bestselling Author

Michael’s first book, Ask More, Get More: How to Earn, More Save More, and Live More… Just by ASKING, reached the #1 Bestsellers on Amazon, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. This pragmatic and simple self help guide teachers readers how to ask more to get more out of life.


Michael is the Founder & CEO of Blue Vase Marketing, a multi-million dollar marketing firm which has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private firms in America for three consecutive years. In addition to growing his firm, Michael has spearheaded personal product diversification by launching and growing companies in a wide spectrum of areas. Michael has also been named to the Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, marking him as a business and civic leader who is making an impact in his field.

Television Host

You may have seen Michael on television. He is seen by millions of viewers each week as he serves as host for dozens of infomercials. He is a regular guest speaker on national and local television and radio talk shows throughout the country. .

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5% Philosophy

You can change your world. The action behind 5% More is what makes change possible. Give 5% More effort, 5% More dedication and 5% More commitment. Take simple steps gradually and look at how far you can go.

Discover More

After Alden’s first national bestseller hit the market, he quickly realized that readers from all different background still wanted more. They wanted more success; they wanted more money; they wanted more freedom; they wanted healthier bodies and minds. The simple secrets in 5% More will reveal the research and proof that all you have to do is a little bit more to get what you want.

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Michael Alden offers coaching sessions to help you get more out of your business, out of your employees, out of life to reach the next level of success.

Michael Alden is one of America’s most popular Direct Response hosts and personalities. The simple secrets in 5% More will reveal the research and proof that all you have to do is a little bit more to get what you want. Michael has inspired people across the country to get more out of life. His compelling story is a testimony to all that you can get more. Michael’s easy-to-use techniques and strategies can be used by any person or business. His proven techniques helped to build the success of his own company, Blue Vase® Marketing, which has been included for three consecutive years by Inc. Magazine on its annual Inc. 500|5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies. Michael has also been honored with the Boston Business Journal’s 40-Under-40 award, which recognizes leaders in the Boston business community for their economic impact and SmartCEO’s Fastest Growing Companies.

5% More in Practice

Success will evolve as you not only reach your goals with the 5% More method, but as will surpass them.

5% More Money

Did you know saving a penny a day and doubling it each day for 30 days, that you will end up with more than $5 million? I said this to my assistant and she responded, “You’d better check your math.” So I did… and it was correct.

5% Healthier

Pedometers are a simple way to track your movement. Start wearing yours and record your baseline in a week. Now add 5% More. In a few weeks you’ll be surprised how much you’ve accomplished.

5% Happier

When your life transitions into the next phase, take stock in the fact that you are now in a different place, and happiness can in fact be achieved through small experiences that eventually compound into a larger or greater phase of your life.

5% Smarter

Think 5 % More than the next guy about how to succeed, how to live, how to accomplish your goals. If you can accomplish that, then you will reap a whole lot more than 5% More.


Latest from Michael Alden

Michael discusses fresh business ideas as well as timeless and proven success principles that have formed the foundation for his #1 Bestseller, Ask More, Get More and more recently, his 5% More Method. These unedited recordings and thoughts offer a rare glimpse into what it takes to be powerful in business and in life.